Estoril Convention Center

The Estoril Congress Center, with its fusion of contemporary charm and refined style, is an exemplary setting for the Cascais International Health Forum. This venue offers an aesthetically pleasing environment, combining sophistication with practicality, elevating the experience for all attendees and visitors. Notably, it stands out as Portugal’s sole Green Venue, having earned the EarthCheck Gold Certification, a testament to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices.

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais, Portugal, will host the International Health Forum, on May 1st and June 1st. This scenic city, just 30 kms west of Lisbon, boasts breathtaking beaches, an enchanting historic town center, and a dynamic cultural atmosphere. Cascais stands as a beacon for the Smart Health Community.

How to get there:

Cascais is conveniently reachable from Lisbon through multiple transportation options. For those flying in, the nearest international airport is Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport. From there, you have the choice of taxi or train to get to Cascais. The rail option – Take the metro at the Airport direct to Cais do Sodré. This is one of the gates into Lisbon! There is also a shuttle that takes you there (7:00 AM – 11:20 PM), every 20 minutes.

From Cais do Sodré, take the comboio CP (CP train) (5:30 AM – 1:30 AM) directly to Cascais. The train route is made near the sea, so you can get used to it.
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Cascais, graced with a delightful mediterranean climate, is an alluring destination at any time of the year. In the spring, the town is particularly enchanting.

In this period, the transition to early summer bathes Cascais in warm yet comfortable weather, perfect for both event attendees and general visitors.

The mild temperatures and inviting atmosphere make these months ideal for exploring and experiencing all that Cascais has to offer.

Things to do

We encourage you to take advantage of your visit to Cascais by exploring its wonders, either before or after the Cascais International Health Forum. Immerse yourself in the picturesque historic heart of the town, where quaint cobblestone paths weave between buildings adorned with traditional Portuguese architecture.

Be sure to experience the magnificent Cascais Marina, a perfect spot to gaze upon opulent yachts and savor exquisite seafood in restaurants overlooking the water.

For those who love the outdoors, Cascais boasts beautiful beaches ideal for relaxing or engaging in water sports, along with neighboring natural parks and scenic coastal paths that offer excellent opportunities for walking and biking.


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