SPL8 • Value in Health: It´s Happening

This section will present real world examples of VBHC projects in Brazil and Portugal, exploring how the initiatives are improving health outcomes and access to health technologies in both healthcare systems.

The technological advances to make feasible the implementation of data driven business models across all the stakeholders will concentrate part of the evidence that will be shared during the section. From Brazil, examples of redesigning heart disease prevention and acute asthma care pathways will be used as real-world evidence of value-based projects, while from Portugal, we will showcase VBHC initiatives in the bariatric surgery clinical condition, Integrated Digital health management and patient costs level solutions to exemplify how by empowering technology it is being possible do transform this care pathway at a national level.

It is expected that at the end, the audience get inspired and awarded from practical examples to move on in local initiatives that can serve as key elements in moving the European healthcare systems to value.

May 31st | 11h30-13h00 | Coordinator: Anne Geubelle

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