SPL30 • Mental Health and Quality of Life

The well-being and quality of life of individuals and a society can be determined by their resilience, capacity for action and preparedness to overcome challenges. Mental health can be considered an essential component of health and quality of life and a fundamental human right.

Like the concept of health, mental health is also a dynamic concept that must be understood and interpreted on a continuum, which includes experiences that range from optimal states of well-being to states of psychological distress and dysfunction. The multidisciplinary panel will reflect on and analyze mental health and quality of life from a multidimensional, ecological perspective throughout human development.

The different stages of development and the consequent need to develop specific competences in the face of personal, relational, and societal challenges will be analyzed in depth. Intergenerational relationships in different contexts (family, work, social) will also be the subject of reflection since they condition the mental health and quality of life of individuals and the sustainability of society as a whole.

June 1st | 11h30-13h00 | Coordinator: Tânia Gaspar

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