SPL8• Empowering Patients: Navigating Health Data Together

In the age of digital health, patients have access to more health data than ever before. From wearable devices to electronic health records, individuals are generating and collecting vast amounts of information about their health. However, navigating this data can be overwhelming, and many patients struggle to make sense of it all.

This public session aims to explore strategies for empowering patients to take control of their health data and make informed decisions about their care. The objective is to foster dialogue among various stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities surrounding patient empowerment in managing health data. By sharing insights and best practices, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to support patients in navigating their health information effectively.

The panel discussion will be structured to facilitate open dialogue and collaboration among participants. Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences, challenges, and best practices, with the goal of identifying actionable strategies for supporting patient empowerment.

May 31st | 09h30-11h00 | Coordinator: Tamara Milagre

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