Maria do Céu Machado

President Medical Sciences Society of Lisbon

Full Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, President of the Society of Medical Sciences, the Astra-Zéneca Foundation, and the Association of Friends of Hospital Santa Maria. She was a member of the National Ethics Council for Life Sciences, the General and Scientific Council of FMUL, President of INFARMED, and the South Disciplinary Council OM. Additionally, she served as Vice-President of the National Health Council, High Commissioner for Health, Clinical Director of CHLN, and Hospital Fernando Fonseca, as well as Director of the Pediatrics Departments of both hospitals. She has been honored with two Bial Clinical Medicine Awards, the Amélia de Mello Quality Award, and has authored 11 books and 183 publications. Some of her distinctions include being appointed as a Grand Officer of the Order of Merit, receiving the Gold Medal of the Ministry of Health, the Merit of the Order of Physicians, and the Career Award of the Portuguese Society of Pediatrics.

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