Manuel Delgado

CEO IQVIA Portugal, Former Secretary of State

Degree in Economics (ISE, Lisbon, 1974); Post-graduation in Hospital Administration, 1981 (National School of Public Health, ENSP/Lisbon; World Health Organization Quality Assurance Course (1986) Arandjelovac, Yugoslavia; Training program “Global Healthcare 2000: Innovation in Medicine” Harvard Medical School, Boston, 2000. Positions held: Payers and Providers Director – IQVIA Portugal (integrates the companies: IMS, QUINTAILS and IASIST). Secretary of State for Health of the XXI Constitutional Government of the Portuguese Republic (2015 – 2017); Director General of IASIST, in Portugal, a multinational company dedicated to consulting in the fields of auditing and production of clinical quality indicators in health organizations and services (2010 – 2015); Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Curry Cabral (2007 – 2010) and Pulido Valente (2005 – 2007) Hospitals, both in Lisbon; Managing Director of the Capuchos e Desterro Hospital Subgroup, in Lisbon (1997/2004); Invited Assistant Professor at ENSP/Universidade Nova de Lisboa (since 1985) for the areas of Health Policies and Health Services Management. President of the Board of the Portuguese Association of Hospital Administrators – APAH (1992 – 2008). Member of the BOARD of the European Association of Hospital Managers (1998 / 2008). President of the European Association of Hospital Managers (2002-2006).

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