João Afonso

National Coordinator of the Healthy Neighbourhoods Program

Graduated in Architecture (FAUTL), with postgraduate degrees and a PhD in the field of Architecture from the University of Coimbra. Guest Lecturer at the School of Architecture of the University of Minho, 2011-2012 and at the Escola Superior de Artes e Design/I.P.Leiria, 2012/ 2013. Councilor for Social Rights at the Lisbon City Council (2013/2017) and Director of the Planning of Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lisbon (2018-2023). He was deputy director of the magazine “Arquitetura 21” (2009-2010). He is currently national coordinator of the Healthy Neighborhoods Program. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of GRACE (Responsible Companies), the Portuguese Confederation of Volunteers, the Group of Activists for Treatment and the Advisory Forum of the National Strategy to Combat Poverty.

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