Helena Marujo

Professor at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas da Universidade de Lisboa

Helena Águeda Marujo has a PhD in Psychology (Psychotherapy and EducationalCounseling) from Lisbon University, where she also took her Master’s Degree She was a professor for 29 years at Faculdade de Psicologia (Psychology School), of Lisbon University in Portugal, and is presently (2011-2012) an Invited Professor at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Politicas (School of Social and PoliticalSciences), in Technical University of Lisbon. Over the years she gave classes, and presented conferences and workshops in several Universities, namely MinhoUniversity, Coimbra University, Oporto University, Catholic University of Lisbon, OpenUniversity, Madeira University, Azores University, Algarve University, Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e Empresas, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada, InstitutoSuperior de Saúde de Alcoitão, Lusíada University, Lusófona University, University of Massachusetts, Harvard University, Pennsylvania University, Free University of Brussels, Salamanca University, North-West University in South Africa, PalermoUniversity in Argentina, among others.

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