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Global Health and Global Policies
Think Globally Act Locally

In the contemporary world, the challenges of global health are increasingly evident, from the emergence of infectious diseases to the persistence of health gaps, and tackling them requires a collective effort. The session on “Global Health and Global Policies – Think Globally, Act Locally” aims to bridge the gap between global initiatives and local actions, emphasizing the contribution of decision-makers and individuals to improving health outcomes. 

The concept of global health encompasses a diverse range of issues, recognizing that health is an essential human right and that the well-being of a community is linked to that of others. International organizations and governments make global health policies to address these challenges, aiming to make healthcare more accessible, reduce preventable diseases, and strengthen healthcare systems around the world. They exemplify a collective commitment to ensuring global health equity. 

In this session, experts will provide insight into the state of global health, highlighting current challenges and opportunities. The importance of international cooperation, policy development, and the role of diplomacy in addressing global health issues will be discussed. Participants will acquire a more comprehensive comprehension of the interconnectedness of health challenges across borders. Despite the importance of global policies, the session also emphasizes the importance of local actions. Real change often begins at the community level. Participants will learn how individuals, communities, and local organizations can contribute to global health goals through awareness campaigns, volunteering, and advocating for health-related policies.

The session aims to foster partnerships and collaboration between different stakeholders, including governments, non-governmental organizations, healthcare professionals, and concerned citizens. Participants will leave with a more profound understanding of the roles they can play in advancing global health objectives. The meeting will discuss how it is important to keep talking, fighting for what we want, and coming up with new ideas to achieve global health goals. The conference will motivate participants to undertake concrete actions within their local communities to contribute to a more equitable and healthier world.

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