SPL7 • Digital Health in Public Health

Artificial intelligence has risen from a topic of research towards global implementation through which it has become clearer every day its potential to transform society, including health systems. As more AI use-cases for health are showcased there is a need to foster a discussion about how the future will evolve towards the integration of AI in public health initiatives, with a particular focus on the benefits, challenges, risks, and future prospects of digital health technologies.

In this session we aim to foresee how AI can enhance disease prevention and surveillance, healthcare delivery, health administration, and reinforce both individual and collective health and wellbeing. Equally important we will foster a debate on what governments, institutions and citizens alike need to do for society to fully embrace the power of AI to improve health for all.

  1. Introduction (5 min)
    Welcome and overview of the session. Introduction of speakers and panelists.
  2. Keynote (20 min) – AI Innovations in Public Health: today and in the future
    Overview of AI applications in epidemiology, patient care, and health data management
  3. Ethical Considerations and Policy Implications of AI for Health (10 min)
    Ethical, privacy, and policy issues associated with digital health technologies
  4. Panel discussion (30 min)
  5. Q&A with audience (20 min)
  6. Closing remarks (5 min)

May 31st | 11h30-13h00 | Coordinator: Ricardo Baptista Leite

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