Conceição Calhau

Full Professor NOVA Medical School

  • Full Professor NOVA Medical School
  • Vice-Dean for Community Extension
  • Coordinator of the Nutrition Sciences Degree Nutrition and Lifestyles
  • Coordinator of the Master’s Degree Human Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Coordinator of the University Unit Lifestyle Medicine
  • Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports

Conceição Calhau graduated in Nutrition and earned her Doctorate and Aggregation from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. She is a Full Professor at the NOVA Medical School – Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Nova University of Lisbon. She is an editorial board member of Scientific Reports (Nature Group) and of Nutrients. Her main research interests focused on the human microbiome, polyphenols, endocrine disruptors, metabolic dysfunction, and iodine nutritional state, which has led her to coordinate several research projects with national and European funds, such as IoGeneration, contributing to public health policies decisions by the Portuguese Parliament and national authorities.

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