Cláudia Antunes

Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Engineering at IST

Cláudia Antunes is an Associate Professor at Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade de Lisboa (IST-UL), where she teaches since 1998, and concluded her PhD in Information Systems and Computer Engineering. She is one of the first European doctors in the Data Science domain from an engineering perspective, having proposed new Machine Learning methods and methodologies to deal with temporal data. Her main research interests focus on the usage of domain knowledge and the exploration of temporality to automate the data science process. She has coordinated and participated on several national and European research projects, having around one hundred international publications. Along with this work, she supervised around fifty students, and has been lecturing data science courses, both in graduation and post-graduation programs. She produced two MOOCs on Data Science, openly available through the MOOC Técnico platform. Cláudia is currently the chair of two non-profit local organizations: the Women in Engineering Affinity Group in IEEE Portugal, and the Computer Science and Engineering College, for the Southern Region of the Portuguese Engineering Association (Ordem dos Engenheiros). Furthermore, she is one of the Vice-chairs in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IST-UL.

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