Catarina Castro

Markets Analyst

Catarina Castro began her career in 2002 in London, where she specialized and earned a Master’s degree in Business Studies and Economics, focusing on investment banking and financial markets, accumulating over 15 years of professional experience. Initially, she worked as an analyst for small and medium-sized listed companies, specializing in Portugal and Spain, and contributing to these companies’ access to the capital market. This involved assisting with debt issuances and facilitating their entry into the regulated market (BVL 30, PSI20, IBEX35). Between 2005 and 2011, she held management and administrative positions at Banco Santander in Portugal and Brazil, where she oversaw funds totaling more than EUR 8 billion and EUR 100 billion, respectively. In 2013, Catarina Castro further specialized in advising and executing merger and acquisition operations within the Banking and Insurance sector in Portugal. Additionally, since 2020, Catarina Castro has served as an economic and financial commentator on SIC, a Portuguese television network. Currently, she holds the position of vice-president at SEDES, an association dedicated to economic and social development.

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