Carla Semedo

Councilor of Cascais City Council with areas of responsibility for Health, Social Solidarity and Rights in the territory

Carla Sofia Nunes Semedo, 48 years old, graduated in Curative Psychopedagogy, at the Modern University of Lisbon. For more than 20 years she has collaborated with associations and civic institutions, in the social sector, as a consultant, manager, leader or simply as a social activist. She worked in the management of private and social solidarity institutions, focusing on the areas of health and social solidarity. In March 2014, he took on roles in the management of the Champagnat Foundation, as a member, responsible for social projects and institutional relations, and later in consultancy, project management, network management and local governance, having the opportunity to join the Network Marist International, in the area of ​​social works. In February 2021, she was invited to join the Office of the Presidency of Cascais City Council, as Deputy to the President, to implement and promote the Local Health and Social Solidarity Service (SL3S), with a view to improving the health of people and reducing social inequalities. In October 2021, she was elected Councilor at Cascais City Council, taking charge of the areas of Health, Social Solidarity and the Promotion of Rights in the Territory. In this new challenge, she uses her experience in social innovation to respond to current social challenges and in strategic design to enable social actors to formulate projects with impact, towards a more just, fraternal and supportive society.

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